Why We Care About
Disadvantaged Children in India

School dropouts and child labor are a massive problem in India, particularly in the state of Bihar. Disadvantaged children often fend for themselves with no proper skills and limited access to medical care. In poverty-stricken areas, many children are denied their right to health, education, emotional, and social development. Government resources to combat the problem are not enough.

The longer children live in poverty, their stress levels and feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, and dependence increase. Conversely, children with adequate family support, resources, and positive role models have higher self-esteem and do better in school. Just as a parent wants the best for their child, we want to give our children the best.

Our Vision and Mission

To educate and empower underprivileged children and support them till they are gainfully employed. To do our best so that the current generation of underprivileged children living below the poverty line integrate seamlessly into mainstream society. To impart quality education, and all-round development, including skill building, in order to provide avenues for employment that are suited to every child’s dominant intelligence and strengths.


Who are the beneficiaries?

Children from lower income families whose parents work as house maids, painters, tailors or daily wage earners. More than often, they have 3-4 siblings with the parents struggling to educate at least one or two of them. 90% of the children are first generation literates. In the even of a financial crises in the family the children are pulled out of school to do proxy work for their parents. This is worse for the girl child whose education stops abruptly when she attains puberty. Fee hikes in higher classes add to the woes of the parents. GET assesses each child and family and steps in to ensure that the child’s education is guaranteed.

Meet Our

Team Members


Mr.Steve Tineo

CEO & Founder

Mr. Jhulan Kumar


Mr. Manish kumar