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Every child deserves a happy & prosperous life.Irrespective of economic status, every children has the right to education.But to many children right here in our country aren’t getting the opportunity to reach their full potential .many children are not getting education not because they are unwilling but because their families cannot afford their books ,uniforms and academic fee.

You can help us in change that!

By sponsoring a child’s education ,you not only give the child a future ,but also help reduce literacy and increase the child’s quality of life ,when you sponsor a child’s education, you are not only making the particular child educated but also the future generation that are yet to come.

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Step 1

Support a child by making a contribution(s) through: Net banking, Credit Card payments, Standing Instruction on your bank account / credit card, e-Wallet payments

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Step 2

Children from the underprivileged communities are exposed to a lot of problems that keep her/him out of school. We see children laboring in , way side dhabas, to the numerous workshops, factories and household enterprises in the unorganized sector. 56% of girls in India are either not in school or will drop out before the age of 14 owing to several socio-cultural-economic reasons. Your child sponsorship will not only ensure education and adequate nutrition to the child, but will also address the issues that keep her/ him out of school.

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Step 3

This intervention does not stop with the child, but also covers her/his parents. We constantly interact with the parents and council them on the importance of education, right nutrition, Child-rights, gender-equality, time management, health & hygiene amongst the others. We ensure that the child gets complete and undivided support and encouragement from the parents. At the micro-level we also intervene and address the various factors that had initially kept the child out of school.

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Step 4

The community development process begins with earning the trust of the community by promoting and advocating community development activities in the field of education, health, agriculture, livelihood etc. This matures to become a long term partnership that eventually leads to a long lasting social change! As a result of your support, the children and their communities will gain access to their rights to dignity, food, shelter, education and livelihood.